Update 3/24/2020

 Hello Firefly Family,

Yesterday, Governor Northam announced that schools would remain out for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.  Children will be doing distance learning but as to the format, we all are in the dark.  Rest assured, the staff at Firefly is committed to helping our children maintain their academics.  We will continue to do the homework packets that were sent home but also create new support work when needed. 
After the press conference yesterday, our family sat down to discuss how we could do our part to help families get through the pandemic. With the governor’s announcement of more closings and many childcares in Powhatan closing until next August, we knew families were worried and really stressed.  We spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how we could pay our bills but still help out our families. We know some of you are wondering where Dr. Chalkley has been. Our mom is over 65 and staying at home since she is still getting over pneumonia. So at this point in time, we did not figure her in as part of the labor force which means we had to increase our payroll since she was working for free.
We looked at our pricing, necessary payroll, and hours of operation. A few cuts here and there add up. As a result, we are implementing a special Covid-19 pricing to attempt to ease the burden on our families.  This pricing is temporary and will cease when parents are able to go back to work or the 2020-2021 school year begins.  ALL children will be $143 per week, this includes our preschool children.  During this time when we are unable to go on field trips, there will be no activity fees. When the restrictions are removed, we will begin going on our planned field trips. At that time, we will add the activity fee back into the tuition to cover the field trips.
We are reducing our hours during this crisis. Beginning Monday March 30, 2020, Firefly will be open from 6:30AM - 6:00PM.  We understand these hours may require an adjustment to some family schedules, but we hope that you understand that this is an effort to keep our teacher salaries sustained for as long as possible while reducing cost for our families.  If this creates a hardship for your family that you are unable to overcome, please let us know.  For families who have chosen to keep their children home during this time, we encourage you to take advantage of your waiver week, although we understand each family is put in a unique situation by current circumstances.
We truly appreciate everyone's support and understanding as we move forward together through these difficult and stressful times.
Thank you!
The Firefly Team 

Update 3/22/2020

 Dear Firefly family,
As the pandemic spreads, more and more businesses are closing, reducing their workforce, or having to follow ever changing guidelines. America stands strong and we will get through this. Our heart goes out to families who are experiencing difficulties during these times of uncertainty. As we have said before, Firefly intends to stay open as long as we are allowed to by the state and federal government.
Our main guideline established by the Governor states that we may only have nine children with each adult. If we are over the ratio of 9 to 1, then we will face a heavy fine and they may close our facility. This is why it is very important for us to know if your child/children are coming to Firefly. In the past, we could have many more children per adult so we always had more than enough adults to absorb all of our children every day. Now, we are held to only nine children per adult so we must count each child as they enter the building. If you tell us your child/children will be attending, we WILL have enough room but if your child/children unexpectantly arrive, we may not be able to take them. This is critical in making sure there are enough adults in the building to handle the number of children so we don’t have to turn anyone away and paying/keeping our staff employed. If you have already told us, Firefly will not have your child/children during any of this time, you do not need to email/call each week.
Some of you have chosen to use your waiver week during this time. Please remember if you are using your waiver week, we do not have your children during that week. Using your waiver week means that we will credit your account with the cost of tuition without you actually paying it to cover all of your child/children’s tuition for the week. If you are in the PreK program, nothing has changed. Academics continue as normal. If you were before, after, or both and use Firefly, each week that you use Firefly is $143.00. If you only need us for 1-3 days, then a daily fee of $35.00 is added to your normal weekly tuition rate. If you choose not to use us, then your normal tuition rate applies. This holds your child/children’s spot at Firefly until you choose to send your little ones to us again. This allows us to continue to pay our staff and basic maintenance bills.
For some of our families, tuition has become very difficult due to circumstances beyond their control. We are reducing the four-week notification time to two weeks for any family that chooses to withdraw their child/children; however, we are enrolling new children weekly since many childcares are closed at this time. Any amount remaining on your account when you turn in your resignation is still due.
We want to thank everyone for voting for Firefly and making us the #1 rated childcare in Powhatan and the #1 party destination in Powhatan. The announcement came out in Powhatan Today on March 18.
Thank you again for your understanding and support during these trying times.  Together, we will make it through to the other side of this rain cloud.
The Firefly Team 

Update 3/18/2020

 Hi Firefly Families,

We learned today that Powhatan County schools will continue to be out of school through Spring Break.  Children will be out of school until at least April 13th.
Based on the recommendations from the governor’s office and the Department of Social Services, we are limiting each group to 10 children.  That being said, we will not be closing or turning away families at this time.  We are continuing to clean at an increased amount.  We want to reassure our families, which include many essential personnel and first responders that we will do everything in our power to remain open and support your sacrifices.  This situation is ever changing and we will keep you up-to-date to the best of our ability.

Thank you to everyone for all of your support and understanding during this turbulent time.
The Firefly Team 

Coronavirus and Powhatan County School closure- 3/13/2020


Hi Firefly Family,

In response to the Coronavirus and the closure of Powhatan County schools, Firefly will remain open. We will be doing a deep clean of the facility on Sunday afternoon and continue our increased cleaning schedule.

Our preschool/prekindergarten class will continue as regularly scheduled and the tuition will not be changing.  

For our school aged children, “Welcome to Summer Camp in March”. We will be offering all day care for the reduced price of $143 per week instead of the usual $160 per week. We will not be able to go on our normal field trips during the forseeable future so we are charging the same fee as summer camp minus the activity fee. The daily rate for all day care will be $35/day.  If a family chooses not to attend for the next two weeks, they will only be responsible for their normal tuition.  However, should a family choose not to come to Firefly and still have their free week available; they are welcome to use it. On the other hand, if any of our Firefly children have brothers or sisters that need all day care during this time, they are welcome to join us at the same tuition of $143 per week or $35 per day.

While we are not able to go on our normal field trips, we will be allowing children to bring their electronics. They will not be allowed unlimited use of them and content will be regulated as always.

Please let us know what your family decides is the best course of action for you. We need to plan for the increased attendance.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding during this turbulent time.  We will keep everyone updated during this turbulent time.

Thank you,

The Firefly Team

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